CD REVIEW Charlie Shred

Band: Charlie Shred
Album title: Charlie Shred
Label: Liljegren Records
Distributor: Liljegren Records
Release date: 30/05/2012
Release: CD

It was in 2003 when Calle Sundberg met up with bass player Björn Sköldmark (Heroes of Vallentor) and started a band named Frozen. Later on it become a more serious band when the lead guitarist, Mattias Johansson and the drummer Manfred Söderholm joined the band. In 2005 they recorded their first demo "The forgotten one" and a few gigs were played. In 2006 they recorded and released their second demo called Shadows in the dark, recorded by Rickard Ökvist in Luleå.  It was appreciated by the underground-scene which led to more continuous gigs.

Later that year Manfred decided to leave the band for personal issues, which left them without a drummer. Niklas Karvonen, now (Machine supremacy) joined the band as a session drummer. In search for a permanent drummer they found Mats Holma and they went back into the studio and recorded their third demo Boybands Apocalypse, also recorded by Rickard Ökvist in the darkest depths of Kalix.

Unfortunately Mats decided to leave the band and Erik Forsgren (Slowgate, Machine) joined as a session drummer. In 2008 Tommy Reinxeed joined the force as the new drummer and the band changed their name to Arized as the start of a new chapter. But it wasn't until the year 2009 when Björn Sköldmark left and got replaced by Johan Tranborg. In 2011 the band got in contact with Christian Liljegren at Doolittle Group. Unfortunately there was already a band called Arise and the record company insisted them to change the band name. So they chose the name Charlie Shred.

Their latest record witch will be released at the end of the month can best be described as Dave Mustaine goes Swedish melodic metal. here and there the singers voice reminds me of Dave (in a good way). instrument wise, this is definitely your typical Swedish melodic metal band. But to be fair, they do a fairly good job and there are hardly any mistakes or things that could bother anyone on this record (unless you hate this genre).