CD REVIEW Crystal Viper

Band : Crystal Viper
Album title : Crimen Excepta
Label : AFM Records
Distributor : Rock Inc.
Release Date : 27/04/2012
Release : CD

The new album by Polish band Crystal Viper  will be officially released on April 27th on AFM Records. It’s the band’s fourth full album. It is a concept album about Holy inquisition, black magic and witches, so it’s obvious that it is a rather dark album.

Musically I cannot accuse this band of being sloppy or lazy.  These are nice songs, nicely played, without great surprises.   I like the songs, but I’m having a bit of a hard time with the vocals.   Marta Gabriels may not be a bad singer, she can stand more than her ground, but I find her range is somewhat too restricted, which as a consequence means that it all starts to sound a bit alike.  But If I can split the album up in a few listening sessions, it is not bothering me too much, and I even started thinking that Marta sounded a bit like Doro Pesch.

The other minor point on this album are the drums.  Here as well there are too many repetitions of the same pattern.  What must be said in favour of the band though is that there are times when they sound almost exactly like Iron Maiden.

So while I’m not completely blown of my socks, it’s still a decent album.


Erik Morren.