CD REVIEW Death Destruction

Band: Death Destruction
Album title: Death Destruction
Label: Sony Music
Distributor: Sony Music
Release date: 19/08/2011
Release: CD

With a background in progressive metal (Evergrey), power-metal (Hammerfall) or metal-core (Dead By April), the members Henrik Danhage, Jonas Ekdahl, Fredrik Larsson and Jimmie Strimell prove their skills in this Gothenburg metal band. Their music can best be described as a combination of death metal and here and there some trash metal. Whatever it is, it’s brutal.

But it is in this brutal music that their strength and weakness lies. It starts of brilliant with their style of music but after a couple of songs their magic wears of and it sounds and feels like a hammer pounding onto your head. And that really is a shame considering these are great musicians with great material.