CD REVIEW Empires Of Eden

Band: Empires Of Eden
Album title: Channeling The Infinite
Label: Activist Music
Distributor: Activist Music
Release date: 01/06/2012
Release: CD

Empires of Eden is actually a project guitar player Stu Marshall created. Marshall is best known as a member of the Sydney metal band Dungeon with whom he recorded three albums and toured, but it wasn’t until the band disbanded and after several other projects that Stu created this melodic metal band called Empires of Eden.

The bands philosophy is to give all the musicians the freedom to produce the work they need to do and to have fun doing it. This is a cool concept but doesn’t work always, you’ll notice this when hearing the album that there are parts in songs that may sound strange and awkward, don’t get me wrong this is interesting but for people who don’t know a lot of music theory it can be a bit of a downer.

Also the band draws its inspiration from diverse bands like Iron maiden, Arch Enemy, Gamma Ray and Cacophony. Now I couldn’t find Arch enemy influences in the music, but all the others are present. While keeping in mind that the people who are on the record are top musicians, you know you’re in for a party.
Their latest album is a collaborative power metal recording project conceived and overseen by guitarist Stu Marshall who arranged the whole project. The album had the involvement of guest musicians from all around the world. Artists (on vocals) such as UDO, Carlos Zema, Danny Cecati and many more.

Apart from all those guest appearances, the music is proficient, tight and mostly provided by Stu himself who performs the bulk of the guitars and shows himself to be quite a talented axe-man. In the end this is a cliché album, but not a terrible one. They are just luckily that they have so many guest artists on their record witch gives is something more than the average cliché power metal band/record.