CD REVIEW Gotthard

Band : Gotthard
Album title : Firebirth
Label : Nuclear Blast
Distributor : PIAS
Release Date : 01/06/2012
Release : CD

When Steve Lee died some two and a half years ago, in a stupid accident he couldn’t do anything about, I was very afraid about the future of this band.  Would they quit, or continue, and search a new vocalist. Fortunately for us they did the latter.

They found a replacement in fellow Swiss, but longtime Australina resident Nic Maeder took over the mike, and they started recording a new album with him.  And a super album it has become.  Nic has not exactly the same sound as Steve did, but he’ pretty close, with a touch of his own.  The songs themselves are also great, and, as always Gotthard have made a mix of uptempo songs, midtempo songs, and ballads.

The title of the album itself is very well chosen, and the cover illustrates that exactly.  It’s a Phoenix, and as you all know a Phoenix is a mythological animal that burns up completely, to rise frim it’s ashes again.  And that’s exactly what Gotthard has done with this album. 

A must buy for all lovers of good rock music.


Erik Morren.