CD REVIEW Impala Syndrome

Band : Impala Syndrome
Album Title : Impala Syndrome
Label : Gearfab
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

Wow what a great lost discovery! Originally released in 1969, this South American psychedelic-pop outfit were making some of the most pleasing and colourful sounds in Venezuela during their all too short existence. Impala Syndrome took a love of Cream, The Doors and The Byrds, good time drugs, colourful melodies and enough quirk and charisma to make their songs jump out at you. I can't help but be reminded of early Disraeli Gears period Cream in the prevalent vocal harmonies on this late sixties one-shot Venezuelan album. The ten pieces here all range from 3 to 5 minutes and feature lots of solos, the occasional fuzz guitar, and the above-mentioned vocals

Impala Syndrome’sself-titled album is an excellent and varied album where psychedelic, bluesy and soulful passages flow into each other, effortlessly it seems. Great album.