CD REVIEW J. Teal Band

Band : J. Teal Band
Album Title : Cooks
Label : Vintage
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

J. Teal Band were four musicians from Spartanburg, South Carolina, whose sole album was recorded in 1977. Cooks was never released at its time, having been rejected by the small local label Mother Cleo Productions. Their funky southern r n’ b-approach is reminiscent of Marshal Tucker Band, which came from the same town, though J. T.’s overall feel is that of boogie acid rock. The guitar’s dual guitar sound is sometimes reminiscent of Wishbone Ash, Allman Bros and Highway and the rhythm section are leaning on The Byrds, Mashmakan and Free. The CD is full of gems, but the crowning glory may be “The Cure” featuring awesome guitar soli. “Lost love” is another classic with great harmony vocals and a floating feel, as it changes pace and mood, skilfully executed by these very talented musicians. To me, I enjoy this album a lot because it has these flying twin guitar duels and booming rhythm section I like so much.

J. Teal Band has reformed with all of the original players.