Band : LLVME
Album title : Yia de Nuesu
Label : My Kingdom Music
Distributor : My Kingdom Music
Release Date : 26/03/2012
Release : CD

I’ve never been that big a fan of folk metal, nor of doom metal.  Which meant that I started listening with a very critical ear when I had read the biography, stating that this was folkish doom metal,, or was that doomish folk metal….

These guys hail from Salamanca – Spain, and exist of members of other Spanish veteran metal bands.  They were formed in 2007.  To make matters even more complicated is the fact that they sing in Leonese language, which is related to normal Spanish, but is not completely the same. 

Now I’ve studied Spanish for one year, so I do know some words and phrases, but here the lyrics were almost completely un-understandable.  Not only because of the dialect, but also because the lyrics are swamped in the music.  Top this off with lots of guttural singing, and a massive dose of grunts and growls and I think you can get the picture.

It’s a bit sad really, ‘cause the music itself is not bad, especially the parts where next to the usual instruments you get too hear some Celtic violins and/or bagpipes.  The female vocals are very good as well.

My final conclusion : this type of metal will never really seduce me.  Now and then a song is ok, but that’s about it.


Erik Morren.