CD REVIEW Maria Isn’t A Virgin Anymore

Band : Maria Isn’t A Virgin Anymore
Album Title : The Fall Of Public Men
Label : Self-release
Distributor : Self-release
Release Date : 2012
Review : CDEP

MIAVA and The Fall Of Public Men : I really had no idea what to expect upon first listen. and I decided to head over to the bands page and see Lichtervelde, Belgium. With loose, abrasive riffs and sharp delivery, MIAVA blast out an incendiary mix of instrumental stoner, post- and sludge rock that’s immediately accessible. Somehow the guys manage to squeeze zillion joules of intensity into the sound; almost each and every track explodes when playing the CDEP. Some of the grooves just bring the vision of lovely Maria’s hips swinging! For me, everything just melts together and flows through us, and it feels damn good.

If you are looking for some groovy, Tool/ Pelican influenced, stoner rock, this is the album for you.