CD REVIEW Mastercastle

Band : Mastercastle
Album title : Dangerous Diamonds
Label : Lion Music
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 18/11/2011
Release : CD

Third release by the Italians from Mastercastle, and I would say that form the first notes on it hits you like a sledgehammer.  The combination of Pier Gonella’s guitars, combined with the crystal clear voice of Miss Giorgia Gueglio is stunning. Add to this a very good, clear production and you’ve got a sure winner.

It’s not that Miss Gueglio has such a powerful voice, but she sings in just the right way at just the right times.  And the technicity of Mr. Gonella, is out of the ordinary.  There are times when you could easily compare him to Steve Vai.  The rest of the band is not the be left out of the because both bass and drums are equally up to high standards, and add to the overall sound of the band.

The songs on the album range between power metal, and heavy metal, with some progressive influences, but all songs are very good.  The third song ‘Time 4 lovers’ even has some radio potential if you ask me.

A highly recommended album.


Erik Morren.