CD REVIEW Megalith

Band : Megalith
Album Title : Risen From the Grave
Label : Forged In Fire
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

This St Louis, Missouri, US outfit have been around since mid eighties, having released one demo, plagued by the unfortunate car accident of front man Joe Bufalo, then have continued to battle on for years and years with no success, called it quits in ’93,leaving only the one demo tape which has recently been resurrected by Forged in Fire, a division of Rockadrome.

The record is divided into a live concert recording from the night of lead singer and guitarist Joe Bufalo’s tragic death and a studio side, starting with 4 demo songs recorded in 1986. The 1st thing that strikes you when listening to this cd is the annoying production, or annoying drum-sound to be specific. Luckily Megalith are great songwriters and manage to keep their metalheads above water throughout the whole demo. Classic, catchy speed/power/thrash metal is the dish of the day, served with aggressive Mustaine-like vocals as is customary.

Recently, Megalith reformed with three of four returning members from the Risen From The Grave demo featuring Tom Bufalo (bro of Joe)-lead on vocal/guitars, Brad Cornwell on bass guitar, Paul Miles on drums, and have added Stu Goz as the second guitarist