Band: Phaith
Album title: Redrumorder
Label: Self-released
Distributor: Self-released
Release date: Out Now
Release: CD

This metal band saw first light in Cortina d'Ampezzo during December 2000. Two former Shockwave musicians (Giovanni Constantini, drummer, and Valerio Menardi, guitarist) together with two cousins (Stefano Salvagni, bass player, and Alessandro Manaigo, lead voice) decided to start something of their own.
Phaith, as their band was named) is the end result. Their album named Redrumorder is also a result from their hard work but unfortunately they haven't worked hard enough to be honest. Although they proclaim to use elements from big bands like Metallica or Judas Priest, they sound nothing like those (not even the same genre).

Apart from that, this still is one of the worst albums I heard this year. The singer actually can’t sing and the overall sound…well, you can clearly notice that this is a self-released project. The best thing about this album is just the cover artwork.