CD REVIEW Reinxeed

Band: Reinxeed
Album title: Welcome To The Theater
Label: Liljegren Records
Distributor: Liljegren Records
Release date: 30/05/2012
Release: CD

ReinXeed is a Symphonic melodic power metal band from the north of Sweden who gets its inspiration from movies (and their soundtracks). From the start it was a one-man project started by Tommy Johansson, who's playing all the instruments on the recordings and does all the vocals as well. But due to the growth of the band and the need to go live, he is joined by 5 others.

The band’s new record starts off rather strange ludicrous intro track (inspired by soundtracks) only to be followed up with bombastic Swedish power metal tracks. Musically, the record is top notch, good musicianship from every aspect, effects are well implemented,…it almost has a movie experience when listening to this album.

But the production here and there could be better. For example there are some rude endings and beginnings to some songs that (to be fair) almost kill the entire song. Concept-wise it works, movies and music always went hand in hand so no bad points on that side.