CD REVIEW Serpent Saints

Band : Serpent Saints
Album Title : All Things Metal
Label : Emanes Metal Records
Distributor : /
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

From limited press materials, I know Serpent Saints to be a collaborative effort of musicians from different Danish bands and the result of this particular collaboration is All Things Metal and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Most of the tracks on All Things Metal are above average. Some tracks fall prey to average teutonic metal, but overall this is a pleasing disc to listen to. Cuts like “Witchhunt”, “Hangedman’s song” and "Revenge from the north" are prime examples of how a band can successfully blur the lines between thrash, power and classic heavy metal while keeping the melody intact. They don't rely too much on any one influence, which is probably to their advantage in the end. The vocals by Artillery front man Soren Adamsen are usually above average, but the best traits are the variety - at no time do the vocals get stuck in a rut or seem one-dimensional. The vocals run the spectrum from smooth clear passages to more typically harsh screamin’ sections. Serpent Saints does a great job keeping the sound varied and interesting throughout All Things Metal.