CD REVIEW Showyourteeth

Band: Showyourteeth
Album title: World Denier
Label: Let It Burn Records
Release date: 02/12/2012
Release: CD

Showyourteeth is a five-piece metalcore band from Perchtoldstorf, Austria. And unfortunately that’s the only information about these chaps. Although they have numerous links to sites related to them, they don't contain any useful information except some song titles.

Luckily their lack of communication doesn't affect their music making skills. Although the album starts off with a rather short and rather typical metalcore song, they make up rather fast, trying other things than your typical and average metalcore band. For example they implemented dueling vocals (clean and screams). A good solid metal album but to be honest, they still need to work bait on their production which has a few flaws here and there.