CD REVIEW Teramaze

Band: Teramaze
Album title: Anhedonia
Label: Nightmare Records
Distributor: Bertus
Release date: 24/04/2012
Release: CD

Teramaze is a band that comes from Melbourne, Australia, a band which blends styles like progressive, melodic and thrash metal and has attracted an underground following within the local scene like bars and small venues. The band has been polishing their album Anhedonia off since its production begun in 2009, but it took them 3 years to complete it since its only just released last month.

3 years on an album? That makes everyone curious, especially since various websites state different things like what elements and genres they use. But to be honest I'm not that impressed with the overall package the band tries to sell with this record. The band clearly knows how to play and perform, no argument about that, but it lacks that punch to convince me (and others) to actually go and buy this record.

It all sounds nice and good, but considering it took them three years to deliver this record…sorry guys, but I'm not convinced.