CD REVIEW The Good Hand

Band : The Good Hand
Album Title : The Good Hand
Label : Own Release 
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

Another style to ponder over, I can't begin to decide on The Good Hand’s exact style, through initially, I'm thinking psychedelic alternative rock. The songs are all strong, convey moods and atmosphere and remember to rock out once in a-while. The instrumentation on the album is the typical rock instruments, with the addition of a tuba, melodic, bouzouki, philicorda, piano and hit organ. The music on this album varies greatly. The slightly nasal, lower toned vocals often approach the territory of Morphine, Deus, Fatal Flowers. Indie Rock with a corkingly great drifting psychedelic tinged opener called “Between four walls” that puts me in mind of Motorpsycho and the Dutch Isis. (do they still excist). One of the best tracks on the CD is the very well rocking “The ostrich” that also has some Neil Young-influences. “Wait wait wait” is rather fast stuff with quite energetic guitar playing; a cheery, great and yet again a bit Motorpsycho-oriented track. I really like the exciting “On the lips” that progresses in 7/8 time and has an excellent fuzz solo. “Lost in light” is a tad more relaxed, slow and hypnotic song, although at times the going gets a bit livelier. “Drifting and dreaming” is a slow, beautiful, mellow drifting and dreaming lullaby and sort of reminds me of Ween and Black Mountain.

The Good Hand is in every aspect a very successful and enjoyable album and I’m sure it will grow on you even more with time.