CD REVIEW Tombstones

Band: Tombstones
Album title: Year Of The Burial
Label: Self-released
Distributor: Self-released
Release date: 20/04/2012
Release: CD

Tombstones consist of three men from  eastern Norway. Based in Oslo, the band has been playing stoner/doom/sludge since 2006. Now the band returns with their new album Year of the Burial. With this record, Tombstones redefine their own formula of down-tuned heaviness. Their doom is darker, filthier, heavier and more consistent and try a more sinister approach (yes you can go even more sinister in this genre) than on their last record.

In its own way this album is cool and has some killer vibes witch makes you sit back and enjoy, but after a while you'll notice that every song has been build up the same way and after a while everything sounds familiar. You'll get the feeling you got lost between the songs. It’s a good record, certainly in its genre, but not the best.