CD REVIEW Vinum Sabbatum

Band : Vinum Sabbatum
Album Title : Songs From The Convent
Label : Eyes Like Snow
Distributor : /
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD 

Originally released in 2010, the mini album Songs From The Convent has been reprinted, added two bonus tracks and are now available again through Eyes Like Snow. This Finnish quartet is yet another in a seemingly endless stream of bands that come from Scandinavia/Finland that can play to a very high standard. Vinum Sabbatum relies upon a good sense of occult riffology placed with simple, but fitting lead guitar lines and Hammond organ for their main songwriting approach. The albums sound a lot like they were recorded in the early 70's. There are some similarities with the heavy 70’s organ bands of that era such as Atomic Rooster, Warhorse, Uriah Heep,… His voice has a clean sound to it with no rasp or roughness to it and this adds drastically to that 70’s sound. Vinum Sabbatum are not revolutionizing the genre or anything, but this cd is a good quality slab of 70s occult doom that will not disappoint the doomhead, unless you would be looking for something off the beaten path, of course.