CD REVIEW Beneath The Massacre

Band: Beneath The Massacre
Title: Incongruous
Label: Prosthetic Records
Distribution: Prosthetic Records
Release date: February 14th 2012
Review: CD

The Canadian Death Metal scene might not be as impressing as the one from their southern neighbours, at least when it comes to the amount of bands out there (or better: Canada does not have an overload on deadly metallic-oriented combos all around), yet the average quality, and the intensity of these Canadian bands, is beyond expectation / imagination. Many of those outstanding bands are pretty ‘old’ in mean time, yet the superiority of the Canadian scene has to do with a younger formation as well: Beneath The Massacre, hailing from Montreal (one of the strongest and most influential cities when it comes to the creation and elaboration of unholy savagery).

The long-time collaboration of Elliot Desgagnés (v), Christopher (g) and Dennis (b) Bradley, and Justin Rousselle (d) proved to be a fantastic combination in the past - I still consider 2008’s Dystopia, for example, as the best but one Canadian Death Metal-release that very same year [after Cryptopsy’s The Unspoken King, of course, or maybe Kataklysm with Prevail; although The End, Thy Bleeding Skies and The Last Felony, amongst others, did create some impressing stuff too back then - etc. etc. etc. - ivan]. Unfortunately I seemed to have missed the mini-album Marée Noire in 2010 (the review on this mini-album, written by colleague Nick Tronckoe, was posted on November 28th 2010), yet the most important thing is this: the third full length, produced once again by Chris Donaldson (think: The Last Felony, Neuraxis, Cryptopsy, The Agonist etc.), and mastered, also once again, by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Nile, Mr Death, Neuraxis, Hate Eternal a.m.o.).
Clocking just over half an hour, it’s not much, unfortunately, and the most sad thing to mention about this album. Oh yes, it does not differ from the past and it does not renew at all either; it’s another negative element one might stipulate.

But again, as from the very start, Incongruous trespasses any form of decency with a highly technically skilled mixture of creative constructions with a persuasive execution. The album crushes and destroys all limiting borders mercilessly, going way beyond just technical Death Metal by penetrating sonic acceptance with intolerable blasts, the pyroclastic way. Yet the main focus is not to be one of the fastest acts on Mater Terra, nor being the most progressive one. Beneath The Massacre are one of those North-American combos that sweetly knows how to combine slightly-exaggerated experiment with professional performance skills.

In contrast to the past, Incongruous lacks of the few necessary decelerations, which makes this album enormously hard to digest. And unfortunately even I do undergo a certain ‘too much is too much’-feeling (possibly caused as well by writing a review so f*ckin’ early in the morning?...). Yet whatsoever: highly recommended to all fans of extreme, experimental guitar-driven Death / Blast ferocity (cf. Origin, The Faceless, Despised Icon, The Last Felony etc.).


Ivan Tibos.