CD REVIEW Enthroned

Band: Enthroned
Title: Obsidium
Label: Agonia Records
Distribution: Agonia Records
Release date: March 20th 2012
Review: CD

I’m not a chauvinist. Officially constructed national borders are against any form of rational intelligence, and since my knowledge surely exceeds any mass-related would-be identity, I piss on … […and some self-censorship…]
Don’t we have ‘tribal’ roots that trespass fakely constructed limits in between ‘countries’ or narrow-mindedly created monotheistic religions – [need more censorship…]
Specification: the scene from the Lowlands (Belgium and Holland) might be internationally underestimated, yet these countries do house a huge amount of magnificent bands and projects within the most extreme regions of the Metal-oriented genres. Too many to mention, yet let me focus on a band with highly experienced members, active within the Black and Death Metal scenes as from the eighties on: Enthroned. Creators of really outstanding recordings, easily equalling the highly appreciated level of acts like Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel or Gorgoroth.

Enthroned… Next year: twenty years of existence. Eight albums before, the last one was the Regain-release Pentagrammaton. New album Obsidium recorded at their home studio, Blackout Multimedia. Now honoured by getting signed by sweet Agonia Records. Duration of this ninth opus: forty minutes.

Is it experience? Is it knowledge? Or is it just superiority above expectations? It is all of this for sure. What Enthroned bring with Obsidium is the same as before, yet again much, so much stronger, better, stronger and better. Ultim(h)ate Ultra-Black in the vein of the better Scandinavian and American acts, coming with an atmosphere so suffocating and mesmerizing, a hammering sound beyond imagination, and a performance as if these guys are Gods that developed and explored all levels of mostly obscure Black Superiority in its purest sense.
A progression to the past is a slightly more Post-injected approach on some tracks (like the title song), closer related to the likes of Khold, Satyricon or our own Panchrysia; yet without losing the ‘traditional’ excellence of the unmerciful grimly past.
Fury and beauty, it’s just an imaginary border, osmotic and almost unexistic. Obsidium is the next step within Enthroned’s raison d’être, and for sure the final end has not come to end yet!


Ivan Tibos.