CD REVIEW Everything Went Black

Band: Everything Went Black
Album title: Cycles Of Light
Label: Prosthetic Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 17/01/2012
Release: CD

The first song, “XI”, already completely puts you on the wrong track. The track is a sludge doom metal song and of course makes you think that Everything Went Black is a new sludge band from Louisiana. But then, you start listening to the second track, “Gods Of Atlantis”. In the beginning, you should still think that this is a sludge metal band, but after a while, the true nature of “Cycles Of Light” reaches the surface: Everything Went Black plays hardcore with a melodic edge in the form that it was played years ago, being 'rough'. Still, when you read between the lines, you can hear the sludgy, doomy and even prog influences, which make me think of bands such as The Ocean, The Carrier, and Amenra.

Everything Went Black surprises in every way. Although they play brilliant hardcore, I think it will take a while before every hardcore fan will have given a listen to this one, just because of the band's name. But still, isn't it the music that matters most?


Nick Tronckoe.