CD REVIEW Human Demise

Band: Human Demise
Album title: Of Wicked Men And Their Devices
Label: WTF Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 15/02/2012
Release: CD

After many mini-CDs and one studio album, Dutch hardcore act Human Demise releases its second full length, called Of Wicked Men And Their Devices.
On this album, Human Demise sounds more mature and aggressive than even before. High screams are combined with heavy breakdowns and tight guitar riffs. This band is clearly influenced by both bands such as Slayer and bands such as Pulling Teeth. Both metal heads and hardcore kids will love this album. It isn't just playing one breakdown after another. The band has definitely thought about how to make a more complex album without losing touch with its roots, being basically hardcore. The tracks “Falling Empires” and “Solitary Deathmarch” are good examples of that.

Of Wicked Men And Their Devices will definitely bring Human Demise to a higher ground and shake the Dutch soil. Human Demise is back in the running for being the most furious European hardcore band.


Nick Tronckoe.