CD REVIEW Marathonmann

Band: Marathonmann
Album title: Die Stadt Gehört Den Besten
Label: Acuity.Music (Let It Burn Records)
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 03/02/2012
Release: CD

When I had a look at the artwork of this album, I thought it would be some kind of American screamo band, but nevertheless, when I read the band's name, I immediately realized it was a German band and after having listened to the three tracks on Die Stadt Gehört Den Besten, I quickly made the conclusion that Marathonmann wasn't what I thought they were. These Germans play emotional hardcore and all songs have German lyrics. This definitely makes the band stand out above some other bands such as the German Ritual, Together, ... They also play this kind of music, but then the songs are sung in English, not in their own mother tongue. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but this proves that the guys in Marathonmann don't care about reaching entire Europe, Germany will do for them.


Nick Tronckoe.