Band: Mosfet
Title: Deathlike Thrash’n’Roll
Label: Refused Records / Twilight
Distribution: Twilight Music / Gordeon Music
Release date: January 13th 2012
Review: CD

Mosfet were formed eight years ago as a heavy Rock-outfit in Marchtrenk, Austria, yet as from 2008 on, this band, with a stable line-up, is conquering (certain parts of) the (European) underground scene after transforming into the worlds of the Thrash / Death scene. It wasn’t a punishment to listen to, and to review Mosfet’s debut Sickness Of Memory (review posted on July 7th 2010), yet at the same time it wasn’t the most memorable debut from 2010 either. Just tasteful, not to refuse…
Deathlike Thrash’n’Roll opens with a very strong and promising instrumental track, Shots For Free, and as from Thrash Assassination on, the album brings what I sort of did expect, yet with one important detail; later about that.

What I was expecting, was some hybrid of traditional hymns with both Death and Thrash Metal elements and a Rock’n’Roll vibe. It was the case in the past, so why not? And indeed, that’s what this forty two minutes long album stands for. So what’s the difference? The great evolution in song writing. Even though Mosfet do lack of originality, they do combine the nicest things from the past into an explosive jeans-and-leather-packaged present. Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Impending Doom, Obituary, Testament, Pestilence, At The Gates, Entombed, Six Feet Under, Punishment and Freund Hein or whatever, sometimes much too obvious, yet never before performed so convinced and proud. Deathlike Thrash’n’Roll grooves like never before.

[FYI: ‘mosfet’ seems to be the abbreviation for ‘metal-oxide semi-conductor field-effect transistor’, some type of transistor; and with ‘metal’ in it…]


Ivan Tibos.