CD REVIEW Nexus Inferis

Band: Nexus Inferis
Title: A Vision Of The Final Earth
Label: NoiseArt Records
Distribution: Napalm Records – Rough Trade Benelux - Tone
Release date: January 27th 2012
Review: CD

Nexus Inferis are the winner of this year’s Rock The Nation award and left hundreds of other competitors behind them. Why? Simply because Nexus Inferis define and shape a brand new genre of Extreme Metal Music. ‘Future Extreme Metal’, as they call it themselves”…

The trio (vocalist Veracity, Lyn on drums, and keyboard player / guitarist O.S. Entity) originally recorded five songs under the title of A Vision Of The Final Earth, yet since their newly signed label NoiseArt Records asked for a full length, they wrote, and recorded, some new tracks. Therefore A Vision … appears as a full length (total running time: forty one minutes).

The album starts with the short industrialised intro Perspective, opening the gates of post-nuclear afterworlds, the underworld-oriented way, and as from Tremor: Armageddon mechanics, apocalyptic Death-Blast Noise and more of this kind of distortion and Chaos. And that’s the trend for A Vision … in its totality. Post-Metal Noise from an Era yet to come. But believe me: it’s an era you won’t be part of (though… some probably will)

The combination of blasting Death Metal eruptions, sub-clinical Industrial and Grind-edged Post-Black malignancy breathes an atmosphere so dense and suffocative, as if it were the sonic interpretation of some Gigerian-philosophy (mind Giger’s excellent Art of Terror, Perversion and Anti-Humanity), translated as a post-modern soundtrack for indeed the finality of a dying Earth, or at least the very end of a vivid generation of Life. All life will come to an end, a wretched, painful and definitive Ending. Sick and beyond imagination, Pure and Impure at the same time.

It is remarkable how easy it seems to create such an uncomfortable feeling, yet still make the innocent listener make longing for more - as if this act is able to explore Man’s deepest masochistic and self-destructive passion(s). There’s some undeniable exaggeration included, of course, yet indeed it is innovative (also got that Iperyt-feeling?) and sort of a revelation.

I puke on popularity-contests, and then I’m referring to that award (see intro of this review); and an act like this one may not / cannot be labelled as some music festival winner, I think; but if making abstraction of that narrow-minded kapitafuckstic nonsense: a mostly acceptable and tolerable smack on Humanity’s ugly, arrogant and stupid, face!


Ivan Tibos.