CD REVIEW Polution

Band : Polution
Album title : Beyond Control
Label : Escape Music
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release Date : 25/05/2012
Release : CD

Polution shouldn’t that be written as ‘Pollution’, or did these guys deliberately write their name wrong – is a band hailing from Switzerland.  They started life as a cover band, but after a while produced their own material.  They released their first album ‘Overheated’ in 2007.

The label describes their music as being something for fans of AC/DC, Krokus or Gotthard.  I think they’re right but not completely.  I also get hints of Nickelback in their music, as well as a – very delicate -  touch of punk.

It’s an pleasing album, full of catchy riffs and hooks, but I doubt it will keep on lingering in your mind.  The material just isn’t strong enough for that.  To conclude I’d say there are far better albums coming out, but if you had the chance to pick this one up during a sale I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. 


Erik Morren.