CD REVIEW Ravenscry

Band: Ravenscry
Title: One Way Out
Label: Dreamcell 11 Entertainment / WormHoleDeath
Distribution: Aural Music
Release date: April 15th 2012
Review: CD

Almost four years ago, two drummers decided to start a mutual ensemble (one of them focusing on the guitar as from then on), and with the recruitment of a few same-minded musicians, this Milan-based act slowly became reality. Throughout the next months, Ravenscry (that’s what they called their project) got joined by new members (amongst whom some Empyrios-members) and the band grew a lot, earning appreciation by the local scene of mid-Italy. And much more blablabla…

Or… their initial five-track EP (2009) got extended and bettered, which finally resulted in One Way Out, which lasts for fifty one minutes. Interesting additional fact: the whole got mixed by Fabrizzio Grossi, who did work with a very varied bunch of musicians and bands, amongst whom Slash, Cypress Hill, Alice Cooper, Steve Lukather, Steve Vai and Laura Pausini.
Based on the internationally well-known names of those musicians, one might expect a clean sound, and that sort of is correct. Personally, I think it does sound way too clean, too over-polished, and much too poppy. That poppiness goes for the songs as well. As a matter of fact, Ravenscry is ‘another’ modern-sounding (‘female-fronted’) Dark / Gothic / Symphonic Rock / Metal act with a catchy approach, performing traditional (read: predictable) and sweet melodies of melancholy, love and life; you know, the goody-goody way, lacking of bravery and honesty. It includes all clichés: operatic female lead vocals, predictable leads, a dull rhythm section, floating keyboard lines, Fingerspitzen solos and a handful of electronic additions and piano tunes. Including the necessary ballad, of course…
The band incorporates elements from, let’s say, everything in between Stream Of Passion, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Delain, Nightwish, Crest Of Darkness or even the latest Within Temptation and Evanescence, injected with, at the one hand, ‘bombastic’ injections top-producer Sasha Paeth is known for, some modern Pop-Rock elements that do fine on several international billboards, as well as epic Power Metal grotesquery à la Rhapsody, Kamelot and the likes.
Personally I can accept a very limited amount of excerpts on One Way Out, yet I guess most fans of this kind of so-called Female Fronted Metal will truly love this stuff.


Ivan Tibos.