CD REVIEW Rella The Woodcutter


Band : Rella The Woodcutter
Album title : The Golden Underflow
Label : Boring Machines
Distributor : /
Release date : 10/01/2012
Release : (Limited edition) LP

Behind the monicker of Rella The Woodcutter hides an Italian songwriter/ musician whom in the past also was part of underground ensemble The Rotten Wine Company (essentially a grouping of failed jockeys) and Psych/ Drone project Eternal Zio. With his solo project, "Rella" apparently likes to explore different styles of music, going from traditional songcraft to more experimental, based on a variety of subgenres such as Drone, Free-Folk and Folk.

Rella issued his own recorded debut, a split cd-R with XY, Indastra Producioni in 2006, and then apparently concentrated back to The Rotten Wine Company, because it wasn't until 2009 that a plenitude of albums and EPs began being released on a variety of labels [check his website (www.) for the full list]. He also started promoting his music more intensely through touring since late 2009, restricted first to Italy, but later expanding to France & Spain (October 2010), Germany & former Tczecho-Slovakia (March 2011). In late October – early November 2011 he went on his first European tour with BeMyDelay (which did France, Germany, Switzerland, and also solitary shows in Holland and Belgium).

For his third release on Boring Machines (it follows the 2011 split 7-inch with Mydearkiller and the 5-track CDEP I Know When It's Time To Get The Fuck Away), Rella chose for a mainly acoustic Psyche-Folk, with the psychedelic effect in the first place induced by his mostly soft meandering voice, and enhanced in the more energetic songs “Bonobo” and album closer “Drugtime Family” by the use of sitar-like electric guitar, which you'll also find in shorter passages in “A Forest Journey”. Besides these side-steps from the calmer (almost acoustic, but electric) guitar 'n' (melancholic) voice style, there's the surprising soft guitar 'n' flute instrumental “Leave your Home”. Which brings me to the guest appearances...obviously, the flute is one...but there's also the sparse percussion (on the aforementioned more energetic tracks), some violin (euhm...which I'm still looking for after several listening sessions), and more (not specified)...performed by friends of Rella's at his home studio.

At SoundCloud you can listen to the album's opening and closing songs, with “Dead Star” being an example of the calmer side of the disc, the other of the more energetic...and frankly, that longer track (an astonishing 8:17!) takes my preference by far! For more, yet older, material by Rella The Woodcutter, check his personal website (www.) Strong point about Rella, is his quite correct English language. Weaker point, to my taste, is that he goes for the softer style a bit too much. Personally, I could do with some more electrified guitar, but the end, it's you, the reader, whom decides whether (s)he's into this artist, or not. By the time you read this, Rella may have already finished his first Italian tour of the year. I guess that he'll be out on European roads again after the Summer?