CD REVIEW Wild Frontier

Band : Wild Frontier
Album title : 2012
Label : Music By Mail
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release Date : 04/05/2012
Release : CD

This is the fifth studio album for this German band, yet they have not attracted any attention of mine before.  And I know why.

While the CD seems not bad at the start, once you’re a few tracks into the album the opinion will change I guess.  To start with there are the vocals by Mr. Jens Walkenhorst, who sound a bit too thin to my liking. On top of that this band uses every trick of the trade, but never ever manage to create an original sound.  Worst of all are the lyrics.  Do they really think that all hard rock fans are infantile, stupid creatures.  I don’t want to ask any band to write an album based on Greek mythology like Virgin Steele did with ‘House Of Atreus’, but here it seems the lyrics have been written by some 15 year old schoolboy.

To make matters even worse, they’ve also included some techno parts in some songs. Piece de résistance, if that’s what you’d like to call it, is a cover version of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, which actually doesn’t sound that bad in a hard rock version.


Erik Morren.