CD REVIEW Winter’s Verge

Band : Winter’s Verge
Album title : Beyond Vengeance
Label : Massacre Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 27/04/2012
Release : CD

Winter’s Verge come from Cyprus, and are with this album releasing their third album, if I’m not mistaken.  And for a band coming from a small island like Cyprus, I think they have delivered an album that could easily stand next to an album from far better known bands like Rhapsody Of Fire, Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica

Basically what you get is melodic power metal with lots of double bass drumming, and very cool synths.  The vocal performance by Mr. George Charalambous is also of an exceptional high quality, and the production is very good as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by this album, not having heard another song of this band before.  I’ll try to catch this up in some way or another, since this band has a fantastic sound, and deserves a place under the spotlight.  This is metal at its finest. 


Erik Morren.