CD REVIEW Your Tomorrow Alone

Band : Your Tomorrow Alone
Album title : Ordinary Lives
Label : My Kingdom Music
Distributor : My Kingdom Music
Release Date : 16/01/2012
Release : CD

First album by this Italian outfit.  Founded in 2009 they’ve only released a demo in 2010 with 3 tracks, who all feature on this album as well.

I’m having a bit of a problem with this album.  I’ll try to explain myself.  The music at times is very good, and has a dark, gloomy sphere over it.  What disturbs me though, like it mostly does, are the grunts and growls which are spread through the songs.  A bit of a pity, since the other vocals are good.  And at times, and that’s when I can appreciate the grunts again, is when they are mixed with the normal vocals, which is not that often sadly enough.  Giovanny Sorgente’s vocals though are sublime, crisp and clean, yet with enough power.

So it’s doom metal you’d say.  But that is not completely the case. I hear faint traces of gothic metal in it as well.  Yet the main ingredient stays the doom metal.  For that reason I’s say fans of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema might well give this a try.  Strange that an Italian band manages to copy their English counterparts so well.

What else can there be said.  Well, to start with, the instrumental side of the album is also very good, maybe thanks to the producing work by Fabio Calluori (Heimdall, Nude), I especially like the synths and keyboards.  The graphic work of the album is also very pretty


Erik Morren.