Band : I.C.O.
Album Title : Le Stelle : A Voyage Adrift
Label : Supernatural Cat
Distributor : Clearspot
Release Date : 2012
Review : CD

I.C.O. (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) essentially tread the same path of characteristics that marked the previous albums while actually making sense this time. The style of this disc is hard to quantify. Some of it sounds akin to jazz fusion, some of it is progressive metal, some of it is industrial, some of it is stoner, some of it is sludge, some of it is noise, some of it is (fill in yourself).

There is a bit more usage of keyboards on the album, acting as punctuation to the main sound. The guitars are quite ingenious throughout; anything from clean rapid picking to more normalized groove riffing is used. The songs on this opus are extremely technical and complex, with breaks and tempo-changes everywhere, and that's a great add to the music of the band. All the while, it still retains a very unique and distinct sound that only these Italians could approach. Some of the best tracks are “Murzam”, “Kochab” and “Rigel”. Each song is able to stand apart from the others, making the album sound fresh all the way through. If I had to compare I.C.O. to anything (hard as that is) I’d say they’re in the same space as bands like Voi Vod, Scorn, Messhugah, Devin Towsend, Old,…