CD REVIEW Bombs Of Hades

Band: Bombs Of Hades
Title: The Serpent’s Redemption
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Pulverised Records
Release date: September 17th 2012
Review: CD

Bombs Of Hades were initially formed by Jonas Stålhammar, known from legendary acts like Utumno, God Macabre or The Crown, and ex-Abhoth’s Anders Ekman, in order to play a deadly mixture of Swedish-influenced Crust / Punk / Metal. Slowly the style evolved by adding typically Swedish Death Metal elements from the old school, after two new members joined shortly after (amongst whom a member of Tribulation, Magnus Forsberg).
In the past, there were a couple of releases that actually did not reach the worldwide’s audience, yet this second full length (after different minis and splits), registered on Pulverised’s roster, will bring a change.
It has not to do with the better distribution only; the increased craftsmanship (better song writing and more professional recording) will influence this band’s ‘popularity’ as well for sure.
The Serpent’s Redemption was recorded and mixed at Welfare Sounds Studio (RAM, Bombus etc.), with mastering assistance of Lasse Holmgren, who did work with the band a couple of times before. The whole lasts for thirty nine minutes and stands for Old School Purity in its rawest and most honest sense. This is the kind of speed-up, d-beated, both joyful and angry Death Metal in its most virginal appearance. And it’s not just the specific performance, but what a sound! The production isn’t modernised or cleaned-up (at all), but rather rough, unpolished and organic. The barbaric tracks again are somewhat groovy, mainly fast and lacking of any modern gadget whatsoever. The whole is flavoured with hints of Punk, Crust, Rock’n’Roll and Speed / Thrash from the cradle and even though The Serpent’s Redemption does not renew, it certainly is more than ‘just worth listening at’ for being pretty varied and so convincing in every single aspect. It’s primal, bestial and morbid, it’s sleazy and ominous, it’s filthy and essential!
If early Entombed / Nihilist, Carnage, Death Breath, Grave, Autopsy and Graveyard are your cup of tea (flavoured with more than just a modest nip of rum, evidently), you know what to expect…


Ivan Tibos.