Band: Bonemud
Album title: Challenge Accepted
Label: Unsigned
Release date: 03/12/2012
Release: EP

Bonemud are a four piece metal band based in Bristol and in South West of England founded by guitarist Remi Makulec and vocalist Scott Allen. Going through various band members Bonemud have finally found the right musicians to fit the bill. In 2011 Nick Schaffer was summoned on drums and a month later Thom Wood was called on bass duty.

Their style can best be described or associated with the rap-core and new-metal scenes like Limp Bizkit. Now i don't want to disrespect these artist in any way. But guys, there is a reason why people stopped listening to this genre. It doesn't matter how good you are, but rap and metal wont go hand in hand. Certainly not if you have just an EP with only 4 songs on it, you cant defend your music with just that.