CD REVIEW Crypt Of Kerberos

Band: Crypt Of Kerberos
Title: World Of Myths
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Pulverised Records
Release date: July 2nd 2012
Review: CD (re-release)

Crypt Of Kerberos were a rather innovative band during the first half of the nineties. These Swedes combined ‘typical’ Swedish-styled Death Metal with a slightly progressive touch, deflecting prevailment and acceptation back then.
After two vinyl EP’s and some demo tapes (this material was compiled as The Macrodex Of War and released in 2005 via Bleed Records), the band did record a full length LP as well (released in 1993 through one of France’s strongest Extreme Metal labels ever, Adipocere Records). This one was called World Of Myths and was recorded with engineer Peter Rosenbachs. US-based label The Crypt, specialised in compilations, did re-release this vinyl album in 2010 as a three-disc-box, including the demos, singles and additional songs as bonus.
To celebrate the band’s reunion, Pulverised Records will re-release this material again (i.e. the LP and demonstrational pre-recording tracks, previously unreleased), digitally re-mastered by guitar player Peter ‘Bjärgö’ Petterssen at his Erebus Odora studio, and including pictures, liner notes and new artwork.

(FYI: Temple Of Darkness Records will release an EP in a couple of weeks / months with two new tracks)

World Of Myths was built upon the obvious scene-fundaments like most Swedish acts back then. You cannot deny the rather typifying riffs and rhythms that did define the ‘Swedish scene’ (yes, of course this is a rather ‘general’ approach, because we all know there are huge differences in between the divers local scenes from Sweden’s Old School). It has to do with the specific instrumental performance at the one hand, and the rough production at the other, as you know. Yet Crypt Of Kerberos did experiment a lot, with the introduction of progressive elements, unusual breaks and hooks, influences from other scenes, and the use of acoustics and keyboards. They did inject their Death Metal with elements from Doom, Doom-Death, Prog, Thrash, Heavy Metal and the likes, and it works.
Even though it sort of balances in between chaos and melody, the whole is perfectly structured and cohesive. Not one single moment it sounds exaggerated, yet it was a visionary product they did create with this album.

Nowadays it isn’t that special anymore, yet what this band did two decades ago was enormously bold and renewing. Therefore it is Kult!

When it comes to the bonus tracks, well, the sound is way too primitive, but it concerns demonstrational recordings, and back then demo-recordings weren’t digitally mastered, for example. It deals with pre-World Of Myth try-outs, and gives a nice view on how the final album was achieved finally.


Ivan Tibos.