CD REVIEW Heaven’s Cry 

Band: Heaven’s Cry
Title: Wheels Of Impermanence
Label: Prosthetic Records
Distribution: Prosthetic Records
Release date: September 25th 2012
Review: CD

Heaven’s Cry was originally formed as a Prog-Rock formation in the French part of Canada. The band released a first album, Food For Thought Substitute, through Hypnotic Records in 1996/1997, and a second one, Primal Power Addiction (DVS Records; remarkably heavier than the debut) in 2002/2003. In 2004, the band members decided to put Heaven’s Cry on hold.
In 2011, the last line-up (original members Sylvain Auclair-v,b and Pierre St. Jean-v,g, and René Lacharité-d & Eric jarring-g; both René and Eric were involved with Necrotic Mutation, by the way, and Eric might be known from Despised Icon as well!) was invited to do some kind of reunion-performance at the Les Foufounes Electriques-club in Montréal in support of Katatonia. It seemed to be a rank reunion, for these guys decided to resurrect Heaven’s Cry. And this did result in the writing, recording and, finally, release of a new full length, Wheels Of Impermanence, which has duration of forty eight minutes.
Wheels Of Impermanence is a new step within the band’s history. It’s much louder and more loaded than any previous effort. It still comes with the progressive elements from their past. The album is a grow-album; several listens are needed to distinct and define each layer behind every composition. However, even though this album is heavier than before, I have the impression the band plays on safe by performing this new material with more structural elegance instead of uncomfortable sophistication. The songs still are rather complex, yet with an acceptance for sensitive ear drums.
I am not that known with this genre for most Prog stuff makes me nauseous, but this kind of Prog-Power comes with a rather unique and slightly obscure atmosphere and I do appreciate such an effort.
I guess this might be a recommendation to fans of everything in between Dream Theatre, Pain Of Salvation, Fates Warning, Iced earth and Evergrey


Ivan Tibos.