CD REVIEW Nickelback

Band : Nickelback
Album title : Trying Not To Love You - Lullaby
Label : Roadrunner Records
Distributor : Roadrunner Records – Concreteweb Promotion Office
Release Date : September 2012
Release : Promo singles

What Nickelback stands for is rock music that’s meant to sell.  By which I mean that they produce decent music, but never stick out their heads.  It’s always commercial enough to ensure their songs get enough airplay, and not so over commercial that the general rock public will shun them.

Since these are only promotional singles I’ve decided to combine them into one review.  Let’s start with ‘Lullaby’.  It’s a mid tempo song, like Nickelback have written other before.  Not bad, but not out of the extraordinary either.  I don’t her any difference between the three versions that are one the single, the only noticeable difference being the duration.
The other single features ‘Trying Not To Love You’, which has the same ingredients as ‘Lullaby’.  N

Mark my words, this is not bad music, but it’s music for the masses.  If You’ve got 30 years of experience in rock music like me, it’s all a bit too bland.  Since these are only singles, I haven’t given them a rating.

Erik Morren.