CD REVIEW Obsession

Band: Obsession
Album title: Order Of Chaos
Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Distributor: Inner Wound Recordings
Release date: 03/10/2012
Release: CD

Most people will remember the American metal band Obsession from the Eighties, which launched the career of vocalist Michael Vescera. Before the band got back together in 2004, Vescera has performed with Malmsteen, Loudness, Roland Grapow, and Dr. Sin, among others. With Order of Chaos, the band returns with their sixth album.
Since they were a big thing all those years ago and some of these musicians have a lot of stuff to show off about, i had high expectations. With this new record (witch is out since last month), the hand has come back with their winning formula for success. It actually sounds like 80's heavy metal. Top notch guitar work from John Bruno and Scott Boland, witch absolutely know what they are doing and are complimented by Bj Zampa (on drums) and Chris McCarvill (on bass)

This band has the experience and still knows how to rock after all those years. But keep in mind that this style is bit dated and isn't for everyone.