Band: Orpheum
Title: Treason
Label: self-release
Distribution: TSM
Release date: March 12th 2012
Review: MCD/EP

Orpheum are a very young band from London, U.K., debuting with a three-tracker, which lasts for twenty two minutes.
The band (vocalist Erin Johnson, guitar player Finlay Thomson, bassist/vocalist K.T. Glitz, keyboard player/backing vocalist Mars Martin and drummer Andy Thomson) combines modern, somewhat progressive Rock with melodic Gothic Metal, the so-called ‘female-fronted’ kind (which has only to do with the female lead vocals) and they do it rather well. Even though the focus balances over towards melody and melancholy, rather than aggression or power, it gets covered with a depressing and emotive veil.
Orpheum’s music incorporates elements from especially Dutch acts; I think ‘bout the likes of, for example, Epica, Autumn, Delain and some hints of The Gathering or Within Temptation.
A nice element are the keyboard parts, which sometimes are somewhat seventies-sounding, and this fact in combination with a technical approach will please fans of Pain Of Salvation and Dream Theater as well.
The atmosphere, and that’s sad, cannot grab me because the production is too flat,too inferior. Such a quality, however, is of importance to fully experience such an effort. Another minor detail is this: the band has not found an own face, or at least: not yet.
I guess they have a promising future. As soon as they do create an own-faced style, and with a decent production, they might come up with a successful successor, and then the (overcrowded) Goth-scene will welcome these English(wo)men with open arms.
We’ll find out soon?


Ivan Tibos.