Band : Ten
Album title : Heresy And Creed
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment.
Release Date : 19/10/2012
Release : CD

Ive liked Ten from their first album, and this, their tenth album doesn’t disappoint me either.  This album continues more or less in the same vein as their former albums, although I’ve got the feeling this album is a tad heavier than it’s predecessors.  If this might have anything to do with the new band members I’ll leave up to you to decide upon.

Fortunately Gary Hughes has stuck to his winning recipe, a good mix between guitars and keyboards, with this time maybe a less prominent role for the keyboards, and both instruments backed up by a fantastic rhythm section.  Production of the album was left to Dennis Ward, who’s once again proving that he’s a top producer.
As is good standard on a Ten album there’s a mix of up tempo songs, some slower songs, and some mid-tempo songs.  No matter what kind of song you’re listening to, it must be said that Gary has just the right voice to sing this kind of songs.

My favorite songs are ‘Arabian Nights’, which has a mid-Eastern vibe, ‘Gunrunning’ and ‘The Lights Go Down’.


Erik Morren.