CD REVIEW The 69 Eyes

Band: The 69 Eyes
Album title: X
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distributor: Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: 28/09/2012
Release: CD

The 69 Eyes are a gothic / glam rock band from  Finland. they were formed in the bars of Helsinki during the summer of 1989 by Jyrki 69, Archzie , Timo-Timo, Lotto and Bazie; The 69 Eyes originally were only a glam rock band and were compared to other Finnish Sleaze Metal acts such as Smack and Hanoi Rocks. The band's lineup has stayed the same since 1992 when drummer Jussi 69 replaced original drummer Lotto who had played on the band's first two 7 inch vinyl singles.

Now last September they released their latest record entitled "X". And to be honest I can't find one thing that i like about this record. They are supposed to be glam (they look glam on their pictures) but they sound more gothic (like the Deathstars but without the industrial elements). all songs sound the same and are build in the same way so there is little to none variation on tis record. and yeah the overall vibe of the album just doesn't rub off. Sorry to say it guys, but they clearly dropped the ball with this one.