CD REVIEW Alcatraz

Band : Alcatraz
Album title : Smile Now, Cry Later
Label : Demons Run Amok
Distributor : Code 7 (also PHD – Soulfood - Goodlife)
Release date : 11/11/2011 (Germany; Europe = 24/01/2012)
Release : CD/LP

This San Francisco based Hardcore quintet was apparently formed in 2005 and at this moment (because there hàve been some comings, and especially goings, usually on friendly terms) the line-up is composed of current and former members of First Blood, Embrace The End, Execution Style, Allegiance, In Memoriam, Set Your Goals, and Breaker Breaker. Well, as far as I could ascertain, guitarist Kyle is most probably Kyle Dixon (former member of both First Blood and Embrace The End) and second guitarist Manuel is probably Manuel Peralez (formerly of Set Your Goals). Also, there's a possibility that drummer Edski is actually Eddie Virgil (formerly of First Blood as well), but of lead singer Justin and bassist P-Nut I have found no connections with the mentioned bands (however, P-Nut could be Peter of Execution Style, and, aha...just found out Justin's family name is Coote, but foud no extra info on the dude!). Oh...and by the way, according to the band's MySpace its line-up would now only hold Justin, Manuel, Kyle, and a drummer with the nickname Scobie.

With influences coming from the likes of Buried Alive, Death Threat, Hoods, Integrity, and Ringworm, it's no surprise that the band is more into the straight-forward kind of Hardcore, short-sharp-shocks of aggression and velocity. This far, the band released a 2005 6-track demo, a mini-CD issued through Boston area label Rock Vegas Records, a 4-track split 7-inch with Berlin's Final Prayer (already on Demons Run Amok, issued July 2, 2010), and this constitutes the band's debut full-length effort. Well actually...the 39-minute album contains 20 songs, of which 6 (one a 30-second intro) come off the 2005 demo...that leaves just over 26 minutes worth of new material. And in Hardcore terms that indeed constitutes a full-length album. Apparently the band is already in the process of writing new stuff for a sophomore album, but in the meantime you'll wanna check out the older stuff, right? You'll find 3 songs (one nót off the current album) at (www.), and two more on the label's MySpace page. Enjoy the racket!