Band: Basanos
Album title: Cracking The Sledge
Label: Noisehead Records
Distributor: Noisehead Records
Release date: 23/09/2011
Release: CD

Basanos were established at the end of 2007 in Vienna, Austria. After several line-up changes the band now consists of the members Roman Skomar (Guitar), Jochen Hagl (Voice), Wolf-Dieter Vogl (Bass) and Moritz Rauter (Drums). Often labeled by magazines as “Pantera meets HatebreedBasanos incorporates a wide range of influences from Neo-Thrash-Metal, Death, Sludge, Stoner, Hardcore as well as Hardrock. And when you get compared to those 2 bands, you will get people curious.
In May 2011 Basanos headed back to the Noisehead Studios to record their second album “Cracking The Sledge”. On this record they show of their raw and fast thrash metal as well as the bands love for sludge and southern rock.
And to be honest and fair, the label they got from magazines are correct. You clearly hear the influences their heroes had on them yet they succeed in being original and not just another “copy paste band”. It sounds brutal hard (and even very American for a band from Austria). But somehow I feel they could have done more, the songs themselves lack some variety. Apart from that this is one killer record.