CD REVIEW Bleeding Red

Band : Bleeding Red
Album title : Evolution’s Crown
Label : Rock Road Records
Distributor : Soulfood
Release Date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

I should have been warned by the artwork that this album would be hard to digest for me.  This is death/trash metal at its finest.  Which implies that I do not really like it.

Previously having released one 4-track demo, these guys hailing from Stuttgart – Germany soon signed a deal with German label Rock Road.  As I said before, this is Death Metal, with lots of trash influenced in it.  There are some more melodic parts on the album, but they’re very sparse.  Since it’s death metal expect lots of grunts and growls.
Despite  their young age (somewhere between 23 and 19 for the youngest band member) they’ve – I their genre that is – managed to write and record a very decent album.  The four songs that first featured on the demo, are also included on this album.
Despite not being a death metal/trash metal fan, the instrumental part is this album is very good.  Frantic fast drumming, with lots of double bass, and the guitars are equally good. 


Erik Morren.