CD REVIEW Dead Label

Band: Dead Label
Album title: Sense Of Slaughter
Label: Rising Records
Distributor: Suburban - Bertus
Release date: 24/02/2012
Release: CD

This Irish band started out in November 2008. They competed in the all Ireland battle of the bands "The Crypt Trials" in October 2009 and surprisingly won it. Later on, they recorded their debut Self-Titled E.P. in October 2010. Only to be followed up with the release of the bands debut album "Sense of Slaughter" via Rising Records on 13th of Feb 2012.
With their thrash metal/metalcore they join the new metal scene with bands like “Bring Me The Horizon” or “Rise To Remain”. This threesome band uses their signature skills in the form of fierce riffs, fast drumming and exchanging vocal styles to produce a good debut album. It sounds angry, however I must tell that after 4 songs it becomes a little boring.
All the songs sound very similar and they could have done a better job with their sound. Butt apart from that and to be fair, this record has a few good tunes on it.