Band: Evaline
Album title: Woven Material
Label: V2 Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 31/10/2011
Release: CD

No, this is not a new Taylor Swift or Adele kind of girl who wants to put out simple, but wonderful songs. Evaline is a band, not just one person, from which Woven Material is the latest full-length. Although the band is mainly described as a rock band, their music on this album sounds very free-floating. In the first song, Beneath The Fire, you can hear all kinds of rock influences: indie, rock 'n roll and even 90's emo. There There is Evaline's first single for which they've already released a video. This song is a typical British rock song. Yes indeed, in some way the huge march of quality UK rock bands has created a genre of its own. That's also the reason why I have to think of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes while listening to There There. This 'British vibe' can be heard and felt during the entire album, but especially the clear sound and sense of experiment keeps it worthwhile to give this band a listen.


Nick Tronckoe.