CD REVIEW Eye Beyond Sight

Band : Eye Beyond Sight
Album title : The Sun and the Flood
Label : Massacre Records
Distributor : Suburban - Bertus
Release date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

To most of you, Eye Beyond Sight won't immediately ring a bell. However, the following information should give you an immediate impression of what the band is all about. Not that long ago, this Slovakian thrash/groove metal band shared the stage with Sepultura as the band's official support band. Knowing that a band with such an image showed interest for Eye Beyond Sight, this only raises awareness of possibility even more. With The Sun and the Flood, these thrash metallers are up to their second full length release.
On The Sun and the Flood, we are treated to some fine death metal with a clear touch of thrash metal with a groovy twist, which actually makes it quite interesting. The sound on this album tends to sound more commercial than expected. Some songs, such as Redemption and From Stars to Scum, clearly remind us of a band like Slipknot. Honestly, they could have sought their inspiration somewhere worse.
Despite all of this, when reaching the last songs on the album, Eye Beyond Sight tends to fall into repetition, which is a shame. This is not that bad, but it definitely leaves you with a feeling of hunger.
With The Sun and the Flood, Eye Beyond Sight released a more than decent thrash metal album. One hint for these Slovakian regarding their next release: add some variation to it.