Band : Hard Riot
Album title : Living On A Fast Lane
Label : Pitch Black Records
Distributor : Pitch Black Records
Release Date : 06/04/2012
Release : CD

This is the debut album by German hard rockers Hard Riot.  From the first notes on it’s obvious that they have been influenced by AC/DC.  The guitar riffs, the drum lines they’re all there.  And while the vocals by Michael Gildner are not bad at all, it’s for certain that the vocals by Bonn Scott, and his successor Brian Johnson are on another level.

Notwithstanding that fact, and the fact that they do not have a crowd teaser like Mr. Angus Young amidst them, Hard Riot delivers a niece piece of work with this album.  Like I said before, the vocals are not their strongest point, but they’re good enough, I mean I’ve heard far worse before.

Now if they could also take some English lessons it might become even better.   What the hell is a group name like Hard Riot supposed to mean.  A ‘riot’ I know, and can imagine something to it, but a ‘hard riot’.  Likewise, ‘Living In A Fast Lane’ is an expression I know, but ‘Living in a fast lane’???

A nice album though, where not all songs have the same quality, but it was pleasant to listen to.


Erik Morren.