CD REVIEW Heartbeat Parade

Band : Heartbeat Parade
Album title : Heartbeat Parade
Label : Own release
Distributor : /
Release date : 22/04/2011
Release : (4-track) EPCD

Based in Esch-sur-Alzette (SW of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Heartbeat Parade is a wonderful instrumental Prog Rock trio (actually, the band also culls from Post-Hardcore and Math Rock) comprised of Vinch (guitars & piano), Félix (bass & loops) and Vinny (drums & samples), who use samples from mass media and documentaries to enrich their songs.

The band was set up in 2009 by Félix and Vinny, formerly the rhythm section of well-known Hardcore act defdumb, which had played and toured in several European venues. Vinch is no unknown entity either, having been the guitarist for Metal act Riktus (which, after 10 years of existence, threw in the towel in January 2011). In early 2011 HP participated in the selections of the French band competition Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges, and having found to be one of the better performances, won the possibility to play at the renowned Le Printemps De Bourges festival in April. The release of their debut demo (review herein) ensued, and since then the band has been in the opportunity to share stages with the likes of Ezekiel, Obstacles, Caspian, Maybe She Will, And So I Watch You From Afar, 65 Days Of Static, and many more. Currently, the band is apparently finishing work on their debut album, for which they hope to find a label or decent distributor.

First track “L'aube de la Révolte”, is really no more than a cunning 80-second intro into the ensuing “Les Grands Et Les Petits”, but it already comprises most of the ingredients one is to expect from the band, including the repetitive guitar (at the end of the track, for the rest of it is more like an interplay between piano, samples, drums, and additional sounds). Mentioned in the info, is the fact that the band uses the samples out of context in order to bring over their own views. Well, I'd say the band's own views are very clear. “les Grands et les Petits” is clearly about the exploitation by the rich, of the poor, and this by the institution of hierarchies in several levels (culture, education, and even administration) of society...these preventing the ones at the bottom to become part of those at the top (with the exception of one lone English passage, the samples are in French). “The Destroyer Of Worlds” (which incorporates only English samples) deals with Hiroshima's nuclear bombing, and final track “No Bailout!” (which was recorded at the band's rehearsal room in March 2010, but otherwize fits in between the other songs like they were all part of one session) deals with a more actual topic, namely the whole to-do about current-day economists and corrupt banking (this time, samples are in English, French, ànd German!).

As far as I'm concerned, this trio is genius incarnate, and I would urge 'em to make contact with the Belgian Mandaï Distribution...because this is só up their alley its giving me the shivers up and down my spinal column. This may be but a demo, but I'm retro-actively adding it to my “Best Albums Of 2011” lists! I'm waiting with eager anticipation to hear the band's full-length, I assure you!